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Our Services

Intake Session

45 mins | $100

In an intake session, we will review your intake packet, discuss your individual goals for coaching, as well as establish the most effective frequency of sessions. This can be done over the phone or a web conferencing platform.

*Please note: this is a required step for ALL coaching services

Mind your Business

6 - weeks | $1,000

Starting a new business can be hard and confusing. You don't have to figure it out alone. In the "mind your business" coaching program, Dawn will help you to kick start your business by creating a clear vision and mission statement, pinpoint practical business strategies and goals, create branding strategies, and a logo to start you on your path to success. For an extra cost, Dawn will also create a new website for your business. 


This package includes both live sessions and pre-recorded coursework.


*payment plans available upon request

Break Free!

8 Sessions | $1,200

This is 6 week coaching course created to help individuals struggling with addiction. This course will walk participants through the process of identifying their addiction cycle and create practical coping skills that can be used during each phase of the cycle. This package includes both live sessions with Dawn and self-guided sessions designed to help you learn more about your addictive patterns.

This course is designed to be used in addition to seeing a licensed therapist. It does not replace the need for therapy.

*payment plans available upon request

Mindset Coaching

Rates based on session length

Mindset coaching is designed to rewire and individuals mindset, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential. Traditionally, mindset coaches typically avoid directly giving advice or solving problems and focus on asking questions to help you identify and solve problems on your own. Depending on your personal goals, advice might be given once you've reach a certain level of clarity.

Interpersonal Coaching

Rates based on session length

Interpersonal coaching can be a powerful way of developing your interpersonal skills, raising your awareness of how you interact with others whether it is with friends, family, other social relationships or those you interact with at work. ​ Interpersonal coaching can help you face challenges with certain relationships you have in your life. We will examine the part you play in relationships while taking responsibility for making changes yourself in order to enhance your relationships. The emphasis is shifted from trying to change the other person’s behavior to examining how you can influence the  relationship through developing yourself

What Our Clients Say

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Mindset Coaching Client

"After giving birth, I struggled to reconnect with myself and my family. I was on auto-pilot and couldn't figure out what was disrupting my life. Dawn has helped me so much. I now have tools to identify barriers in my life and handle the challenges that come up."
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